Lead generation is the foundation of the real estate business. Without leads, there will be no sales and thus no business. Therefore, it is essential to give time and effort to lead generation through various methods. Social media is one such method that benefits you as a realtor and owner of a real estate business. Why social media? This is because, according to statistics, the percentage of people that prefer to look for houses or other properties online is at a whopping 79 percent. Also, it has been observed that the newer generation spends more than 12 hours a week online looking for homes. Therefore, it shows why one should invest in a solid digital presence and why digital presence shows positive outcomes.

Social media marketing in real estate focuses on expanding your network. During the initial days, realtors sought newspapers and online portals to connect with people whose information they didn’t have in their databases. Social media does the same, but it is less time-consuming and a feasible process. Here are a few ways social media helps with lead generation:

Broader Audience:

With relevant social media platforms, you can reach a broader audience. Studies have shown that people often indulge in social media platforms to look for properties to buy, rent, or sell, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. By making a presence on these platforms, you can easily reach this audience and cater to their requirements.

Observe Your Competition:

One great way to add skills to your social media handle is to look into what your competition can’t provide but your audience needs. Then, you can attract and connect with their clientele by providing what they need. Social media marketing helps you stay in touch with the trends and the ongoing marketing practices of your competitors. This, in return, helps you to tweak your strategies in a way that gives you an edge over your counterparts.

Create Relevant Content:

Customers can quickly see what suits their ideal home and select by posting content about the properties. It helps you saves time and energy and connect directly with clients without continuous follow-ups. This can also lead to referrals. People not from your area can spread the word to people in your area and increase your contacts.

Collaborate With Local Companies/Professionals:

Companies that work in collaboration with real estate businesses, such as property management accountants or banks, or residential mortgage lenders who are also using social media to sustain their businesses; know your existence and help you form bonds to work with them better. It is also a way to get referrals and more contacts.


Not just people in your field but influencers, industry experts, architects, interior designers, or other content creators can help you a lot. For example, sharing their content on your social media handles and commenting on their posts can leave a good impression and encourage them to reciprocate with the same or form genuine bonds suitable for your business.

Final Thoughts:

Social media marketing in real estate is a great way to explore more opportunities to expand your business and ways you can achieve more by saving time and money. In a tough market like that of real estate, creating a mark for your brand is vital, and there is no better way than a systematic social media marketing plan. The tips provided on this website https://freebook1.com/ might help you to get to the basic measures of success in the new business venture.